I have more books than friends....

I love to read. I read pretty much anything and everything. I didn't use to like books set in England, silly me. And I was never a fan of Science Fiction or Fantasy. They are slowly growing on me.
To my detriment I have an Amazon Prime account. So I order books constantly. After all I don't have to pay for shipping, right? I buy used books when I can - after all they still read the same!
I'm slowly making friends with my Kindle. It's not the same as a book, but it's pretty cool to be able to take an entire library with you when you travel!
Yes. Please.
In the past couple of years I have read a lot of books. Here are some of them. A very small part of them. And all but two are fiction. I read non fiction too, but I decided to just list fiction books for now. All worth a read if you're looking for a good book!


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