Thursday, September 13, 2012

Molehills, not Mountains....

When it rains, it pours. My daughter's good friend Ryan sustained a bad break to his leg in a soccer game yesterday and has to have surgery. He is in the hospital.
My other daughter has a sinus infection. And is trying hard to find a job. She goes off our insurance in a month.
My son is running a fever and is not feeling so good. He's looking for a job too.
People are not playing nicely at work.  I think they have forgotten the things they learned in kindergarten.
And now, it's raining.
Just a bump in the road, a blip on the radar, molehills, not mountains.
Guess what, this too shall pass and be but a memory soon.
That's the way life is. I have had to retrain my thinking so I only stress about the big stuff, and right now, it's all small stuff.

So, today, I choose to be thankful that it's not big stuff.
I choose to be thankful I have a job, even with the bullies.
I choose to be thankful for colds and sinus infections because it could be worse.
I choose to be thankful my kids aren't working right now because they could do the grocery shopping today.
I choose to be thankful for my children's friends, those in need and those who help my kids then they are in need.
I choose to be thankful that my daughter still has insurance for another month.
And I choose to be thankful for the rain because we sorely need it.
I choose to be thankful.

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