Monday, September 24, 2012

pass the tissues....

Oh no! It appears I'm getting sick. Dunno if it's allergies or sinus, but it's not fun. I should have known on Saturday when my ears started feeling like there was water in them. The last thing I want to do is take more and more medication. But right now I am downright miserable. :(

And tomorrow I have to go to the dentist. More fun.
But necessary. Due to ongoing medical issues I had to put it off for 8 months. Now I'm going. Hell or High water; blocked nose or sore throat.

We had frost this morning! Hopefully it will kill the allergens, but not the tomatoes. I am not ready for my tomatoes to go away. I'm ready for some good old fashioned fall however, warm and breezy, with that late afternoon patina when the sun is hitting the earth just right.

I'm ready for casseroles and soup, sweaters and and naps in the sun. Hot chocolate, hot cider, apple picking and pumpkins. Blue skies, bright leaves and football! Quilts on the bed and snuggling with the dog.

I love fall!

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